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Shop rules

§1 General Provisions

1.1. These Regulations (“Regulations”) define general principles of functioning of the rstw.eu online store, including general principles of provision by the Service Provider of services provided electronically within the meaning of the Act of July 18, 2002 on Electronic Provision of Services become.

1.2. The online store is managed using the rstw.eu domain. The purpose of the shop is the movement of goods on online shop websites. The website is managed by the service provider.

1.3. Entrepreneur running the online store, service provider and seller of the goods in the store is RESTWOOD JEZIORSKI SP.K. with its registered office in Ruda Śląska, ul. Pionierów 22, 41-711 Ruda Śląska, registered in the Central Trade Register Information, VAT ID: 641-255-61-58.

1.4. Electronic correspondence regarding the Shop's activities should be sent to the e-mail sell@restwood.pl, traditional correspondence (post) to the address: RESTWOOD JEZIORSKI SP.K., ul. Pionierów 22, 41-711 Ruda Śląska.

1.5. Any person who uses the shop as a natural person with legal capacity in the required area receives the user status of the shop.

1.6. In order to effectively place an order in the shop, it is necessary to accept the provisions of these regulations. Users using the shop undertake to observe the shop rules.

1.7. The prices in the online shop are expressed in Euro and include VAT (gross prices). The prices of products include shipping costs, which depend on the method of payment and delivery chosen by the customer.

1.8. Unless expressly agreed in the commercial information, the goods available in the shop are new and the company responsible for their possible physical and legal defects is RESTWOOD JEZIORSKI SP.K. with its registered office in Ruda Śląska, ul. Pionierów 22, 41-711 Ruda Śląska, registered in the Central Trade Register Information, VAT ID: 641-255-61-58.

§2 Sales Contract

2.1. In order to make a purchase, it is necessary to register the account directly from the shop level, the interested customer must fill in the relevant data.

2.2. After selecting the product, click on the "Add to basket" icon, where you can continue shopping or select the "Buy and pay" icon. In order to place an order, the user is asked to add their contact, billing or shipping data. Next, the user determines the delivery and payment method. After placing an order, a summary of the data about the order will be displayed.

2.3. When placing an order in accordance with Section 2.1. According to the present regulations, the customer is obliged to provide truthful data.

2.4. After the shop system has received the order, an automatic message will be sent to the e-mail specified by the customer to confirm the order.

2.5. When starting to process the order, the seller confirms the acceptance of the order by sending an e-mail entitled "Order in progress".

2.5.1. The offer submitted by the customer but not confirmed by the seller within 48 hours is not valid.

2.5.2. The sales contract is considered concluded upon receipt by the Customer of the message confirming the execution of the order from the Seller (message pursuant to clause 2.5 of these Regulations).

2.6. The customer can cancel or modify the placed order by contacting the seller by e-mail.

2.7. Orders are processed by the customer service of the online shop on working days, i.e. from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m.

2.8. The order, the receipt of which is confirmed by the online store system (§2.5 of the Regulations), constitutes the offer within the meaning of Art. 66 §1 of the Civil Code and the basis for concluding the sales contract between the customer and RESTWOOD JEZIORSKI SP .K with its registered office in Ruda Śląska, ul. Pionierów 22, 41-711 Ruda Śląska, registered in the Central Trade Register Information, VAT ID no. 641-255-61-58.

2.9. The conclusion of the sales contract for the goods that are the subject of the order comes about upon receipt by the customer of the message about the acceptance of the order for processing, which was placed in accordance with § 2.5 of the Regulations.

2.10. The commercial information published in the online store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code, but is an invitation to submit offers, even if this information includes the unit price of the product.

§3 Payment, Delivery, Collection

3.1 Payment

3.1.1. With regard to the execution of the sales contract, the customer is pagrees to pay the price of the goods and shipping costs specified in the offer.

3.1.2. The price for individual goods in the online shop is the gross price in euros (EUR), which includes the applicable VAT at the applicable rate. However, the prices set do not include any shipping costs, which will be specified when placing the order.

3.1.3. Payment is made in the form chosen by the customer:

a) Cash – (option available only for personally accepted orders)

b) Cashless:
– Payment by bank transfer to the bank account of the online store Restwood BANK 33 1140 2004 0000 3312 1437 5796
– payment through the intermediary of the acquirer, PayNow (mElements S.A., Prosta 18 00-850 Warszawa), company serving online payments in the field of card payments, Blue Media S.A.
c) Cash on delivery

3.1.4. The date of payment is the credit to the account of the online shop, which is managed in the acquirer's system.

3.1.5. The price stated for each product is binding when the customer places the order. The price will not be changed regardless of changes in the prices in the online shop that may arise with regard to the respective goods after the customer has placed the order.

3.1.6. Available forms of card payment:

     Payment cards:


         Visa Electron


         Master Card Electronics


3.1.7. Remittance of Funds
The seller will return the payments using the same payment method that the consumer chose, unless the consumer has agreed to another method of reimbursement that does not involve any costs for him.

3.2. shipment of goods

3.2.1. The orders placed by the customers of the online shop are completed by the customer service within 14 working days after the conclusion of the contract. The processing time consists of the time required to complete the order item.
3.2.2. The delivery time depends on the delivery/collection method chosen by the customer and cannot exceed 3 working days.
3.2.3. The delivery of the goods is carried out by GLS.
3.2.4. Delivery Fees:
– courier shipment in Poland – 30 PLN
– Courier shipment in Poland against cash on delivery – 40 PLN
– Courier shipment abroad – depending on the country, automatically recalculated after selecting the country of shipment
– Personal pick-up by prior arrangement from Monday to Friday between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. or by telephone agreement.
3.2.5. The customer whose order in the online store exceeds PLN 500 can use free delivery (only in Poland).
3.2.6. If the customer who was entitled to free delivery returns part of the order, he loses the right to the discount due to the delivery and its costs are deducted from the eventual return.

3.3. Goods collection

3.3.1. The Seller informs that Customers have the right to inspect the shipment after its delivery to the place specified in the order. The condition of the consignment is checked before acceptance by the carrier.
3.3.2. If, before the delivery of the consignment, it turns out that it is destroyed or damaged, the carrier is solely responsible for determining the condition of the consignment and the circumstances of the damage on the basis of the protocol. In most cases, the carrier carries out these actions at the request of the person authorized to collect the goods.
3.3.3. The Seller informs that if, after the delivery of the consignment, the person authorized to collect the goods notices a defect or damage that cannot be seen from the outside, he is entitled, after disclosing the damage, but no later than within 7 days after the collection of the goods, to obtain from the carrier the request the condition of the consignment to be ascertained.

3.4. If you have any problems or doubts, contact the seller.

§4 Personal data

4.1. Filling in the data in the order form constitutes the granting of consent to the processing of the Customer's personal data by the Seller and the company authorized by the Seller to manage the content of the website, of which the online shop is a part, in accordance with the Act of August 29 1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws z 2010 No. 229, item 1497 in the current version). Personal data of the customer are processed for the purpose of processing the order placed, including invoicing and invoicing. This data is confidential and will not be made public to unauthorized third parties.

4.2. The administrator of your personal data provided by you as a result of using the online store rstw.eu is
RESTWOOD JEZIORSKI SP.K. with its registered office in Ruda Śląska, ul. Pionierów 22, 41-711 Ruda Śląska, registered in the Central Business Register -Information, VAT number: 641-255-61-58.

4.3. Personal data of the customer will be processed by the seller in accordance with the aboveaccording to the above provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and not handed over, resold or loaned to third parties or institutions that are not authorized to do so. Personal data is provided for the purpose of fulfilling the sales contract for the products covered by these regulations.

4.4. Only the administrator who is the seller has access to personal data.

4.5. The customer who has filled in the order form can get access to the data concerning him for the purpose of checking, modifying or requesting deletion from the database and inform the administrator about this by e-mail to the address sell@restwood.pl.

§5 Complaints

5.1. The customer is entitled to submit complaints in the field of services provided by the seller.

5.1.1. The seller is liable to the customer according to the principles of the Civil Code of April 23, 1964 (Journal of Laws No. 16, item 93 as amended) and other generally applicable legal regulations.

5.1.2. If the product purchased by the customer does not comply with the contract or has defects, the seller should be informed of this by e-mail to sell@restwood.pl and the goods under complaint should be sent to the seller at the address RESTWOOD JEZIORSKI SP.K., ul. Pionierów 22, 41-711 Ruda Śląska.

5.1.3. Complaints are sent electronically by e-mail to the address: sell@restwood.pl. The complaint will be examined immediately, at the latest within 14 days. The response to the complaint is sent by the customer to the address or in another way determined by the customer.

5.1.4. The goods complained about must be returned in the cardboard packaging that protects the returned goods.

5.1.5. The seller reserves the right to contact the customer to supplement the information contained in the complaint if the information provided by the customer is incomplete and it is impossible for the seller to examine the complaint.

§6 Withdrawal from the sales contract (return)

6.1. The customer who is a consumer and concluded the sales contract can withdraw from it without giving a reason within 14 days.

6.2. The period for withdrawing from the sales contract begins to run from the moment the consumer takes possession of the goods. Return address: RESTWOOD JEZIORSKI SP.K., ul.
Pionierów 22, 41-711 Ruda Śląska.
The customer can withdraw from the sales contract by submitting a declaration of withdrawal to the seller. The statement can be submitted in writing to the seller's address or by e-mail to the seller's address. The statement is made on the form, a sample of which was published by the seller on the website of the online store at the address: Withdrawal form. To meet the deadline, it is sufficient to send the declaration before it expires. The seller confirms to the consumer the receipt of the form submitted through the website.

6.3. If the contract of sale is withdrawn, it is deemed not to have been concluded.

6.4. If the consumer made a declaration of withdrawal from the sales contract before the seller accepted the offer from him, the offer is no longer binding.

6.5. The seller shall immediately, at the latest within 14 days after receipt of the consumer's declaration of withdrawal from the sales contract, return all payments made by him, including the cost of delivering the goods to the consumer. The Seller may suspend the refund of payments received from the Consumer until the goods have been received again or the Customer has delivered the proof of return, whichever occurs first.

6.6. If the consumer exercising the right of withdrawal chose a different way of delivering the goods than the most usual and cheapest way of delivery offered by the seller, the seller is not obliged to reimburse the consumer for the additional costs borne by him.

6.7. The consumer is obliged to return the goods to the seller without undue delay, but no later than within 14 days from the day on which he withdrew from the sales contract. To meet the deadline, it is sufficient to return the goods to the seller's address before the expiration of this date.

6.8. In the event of withdrawal, the customer, who is a consumer, only bears the direct costs for returning the goods.

6.9. The seller will return the payments using the same payment method that the consumer chose, unless the consumer has agreed to another method of reimbursement that does not involve any costs for him

6.10. The returned goods must have the original labels and show no signs of wear.

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